TAISEI KOUATSU was established as LP gas cylinders re-inspection company in July 1966 and then, sent out many types of the cylinders that can be used safely by the customers while receiving customer supports. Thanks to the customers, we have been able to celebrate the 55th anniversary in the year of 2021 since the company was started.

During the period, we have been constantly striving to improve our skills and knowledge. And in order to respond to environmental changes and needs, we have been promoting labor saving by looking at both hardware and software. In the factory No.1, we inspects many welded cylinders except LP gas cylinders, including large sized cylinders with capacity up to 10,000 liters.
The factory No.2 mainly reinspects general high pressure cylinders responding quickly to the next generation hydrogen energy,establishing the system that can handle with the wide range of pressure. The factory No.3 performs designing, manufacturing and processing mainly in engineering, using CNC lathe in in-house manufacturing and organizing the system that can respond to the demand of special screw standard that is used for high pressure gas.

Taisei Techno mainly operates scrapping of expired high pressure gas cylinders, operating in the disaster response laundry business aiming at effective use of residual gas collected for the locality. The company also operates croissant speciality shops by using gas oven. Taisei Farm contributes to maintain local special products in the situation that agricultural population reduces, cultivates greenhouse melon using our original brand“Kokomachi ”.

Thanks solely to the cooperation of local customers, we could achieve such results. As we are willing to continue pushing forward while responding to the changing times, we look forward to customers continued patronage.

Representative Director,Taisei Kouatsu Co.,Ltd

Nobuyuki Shirasuna


Taisei Kouatsu Co.,Ltd
291 Honjuku, Nagaizumi-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka-pref.,Japan
TEL 055-986-5485 FAX 055-986-5224
July 1966
Board members
Chairman of the board Seiichi Shirasuna
Representative director Nobuyuki Shirasuna
Senior managing director Chieko Shirasuna
Director of the Board Yoshimi Sone
10 million yen
No.of employees
Re-inspection of high pressure cylinders (LP and general gas cylinders)
Consulting on re-inspection facilities
Designing, manufacturing, and working on re-inspection facilities
Cutting (metals and resins) / Creation and working on cut to size sheets
Creation of warning indication boards / Creation of stencil plates
Nagaizumi Branch, Shizuoka Bank / Nagaizumi Branch, Suruga Bank
Mishima branch, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank / Shimotogari branch, Mishima-Shinkin Bank

Taisei Techno Co.,Ltd


Scrapping of high pressure gas cylinders
Laundrette (Fuwari)
Croissant speciality shops (27 Layers)

Taisei Farm Co.,Ltd


Kokomachi brand
Cultivation of green house melon (Kokomachi Melon)
Cultivation of green house cucumber (Kokomachi Kyuri)