Kokomachi brand “ Kokomachi melon ”

Expanding “Kokonomachi” brand agricultural products all over Japan.

In the tendency that the farming population reduces in Japan, Nagaizumi town has also experienced the reduction of the number of farmers from nine to two producing their special green house melon. Then, Taisei Koatsu,Taisei Techno established the Taisei Farm that is specialized in agriculture to strive to maintain the special agricultural product in March 2022.

We are willing to sale agricultural products such as special products among neighboring towns and cities. So, we are happy if we can get understanding and cooperation by our customers. The Taisei Farm is undertaking to establish branding of the product by, at the beginning, registration of “Kokomachi” in July 2022 to start Kokomachi Brand.

The Kokomachi is originated from “Kokonomachi ” meaning from “this town” and “Kokoromachi” is “looking forward to something”, both expecting to distribute products to local area consumers living in the areas expecting the products.

The company began sale of earls melon which is the special product of this area as “Kokomachi Melon” from 2022. We are willing to produce various products to expand them in this area. As we will expand the brand to actively sale local areas all over Japan, so we hope to be supported by our customers.