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Taisei Kouatsu Co.,Ltd,we are currently recruiting new staff.
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Large Truck Driver
Employment Type
Job Description
You will be responsible for the following delivery tasks at our company "Taisei Kouatsu Co.,Ltd.

Pick-up and delivery of high-pressure gas containers
・Delivery of empty gas cylinders (approximately 50 kg)
・Same-day delivery only

Delivery area: Central Shizuoka Prefecture to Saitama Prefecture
・Vehicle used: 12-ton truck (with power gate)

Factory work
・Re-inspection of high-pressure gas containers

※Busy season: November to March
Job Details
・Monthly salary: 185,000 to 274,000 yen
・Working hours: Shifts on a yearly basis, 08:00 to 17:00
・Holidays: Sundays and national holidays, plus 105 days / Other: 2 days off per week from April to October (Saturdays and Sundays off), November to January
・Annual holidays: 105 days
・Employment period: No fixed term
・Age: Under 44 years old
・Targeting younger individuals for career development through long-term employment
・Qualifications: Not specified
・Required experience: Not specified
・Education: High school graduate or above
Other Details
・Number of hires: 1 person
・Scheduled end of posting: 2019-09-30
・Other remarks: Application method: After contacting us, please bring your application documents (letter of introduction, resume) to the interview

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