Artistic sign division, floor coating division, in-house power generation division and delivery division

“Taisei font” developed for improvement of cylinder spraying quality.
Compare them with others and you will recognize the differences.

Artistic sign division

The artistic sign division performs creation of the cutting films, mainly the creation of stencil plates for spraying, typically for the company name of LP gas cylinder and gas name.

For the stencil plates, we create our original stencil font, creating the plates of which contours are easy to blur without separation of the art sign of containers not only on the flat surface, but on the curved surfaces by using the flat bed type plotters.

The materials of the stencil plates are two types including PP sheet (transparent) and Styrofoamsheet (white). Their merits are low cost, high washability and low removability. So, the materials are not badly and permanently deformed like other frequently used materials such as tin plate or copper plate, and so putting the gas name and company name can be made easily by using spray gun. We are highly rated not only by the same businesses but by other businesses all over the country.

The cutting size sheets are used on the gasholder, lorry trucks, business use vehicles, shops, signboards, warning indications and other vehicles and indications of many kinds, meaning that they are highly rated by various businesses.


Floor coating division


We undertake floor coating and repair of the places for cylinder inspection and high pressure gas charging.
The floor paint and their application methods are excellent in their durability and anti-shock capability In addition, since the floor is seamless, it is easier to clean, and thus is suitable for food processing factories that require high level of hygiene management. They have been adopted by dozens of companies and so are rated very high.

Highly effective utilization of
residual gas by in-house
power generation facility

We effectively utilize the residual gas for the in-house power generation facilities, which supplies approximately 45% of total power consumption (35kW x 2 installations, 25 kW x 2 installations and 24kW x 1 installation).
Air conditioner of our office building, boiler of factories and baking are powered by the residual gas energy.




We have seven large sized trucks and a 3 ton truck for collection and delivery of items. We use our own vehicles for the responsible collection and delivery of the items, and flexibly comply with the demand of the customers, and their operating rate is 95%, covering Shizuoka, Yamanashi, Kanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba and Saitama areas.

Collection and delivery
service areas