Engineering operation division・Control units・Manufacturing and assembling

We think that it is important to reduce burden on the workers and increase the working efficiency through easily understood operability and simple making of things, and thus we are glad to be received by our users.

Engineering operation division

The engineering operation division provides our services related to general matters of the facilities covering designing, manufacturing, installation, modification and repairing of various high pressure gas cylinders in reinspection facilities including proposal of layout to other companies of this industry, by leveraging our many years of business experiences.

One of them, the conveyors are free roller type and slat type, which have been well received by many users for long time in many applications.

Typical cases of introduction

  • Residual LP gas automatic collector
  • Pressure test facility
  • Coating facility
  • Conveyors

Control panels


We undertake designing, manufacturing and update of various controls panels, including processing of panels and assembling. We internally design and make programs of sequence touch panels based on the view from field side, so that the facility operation can be made simpler and easier.

Processing and Assembling

We are equipped with MAG welders, TIG welders, plasma cutters and machine tools to respond to various requests from our customers, including the processing and assembling related to the re-inspection facilities.

Specifications of precision CNC lathe

Name of machine NLX2000SY
Max.cutting diam Φ366mm
Max.cutting length 510mm
No.1 spindle Standard chuck size:8inch
No.2 spindle Standard chuck size:6inch
SY=No.2 spindle+Y axis+milling+C axis function